Add something like this...
but replace "api.allevents.nyc" with domain (or maybe IP address?) of current server...
because this file isn't able to call $(hostname)

30 2    * * 1   root    bash /www/api.allevents.nyc/_cron/weekly.sh
@reboot root bash /www/api.allevents.nyc/_cron/db-admin.sh
@reboot root bash /www/api.allevents.nyc/_cron/api.sh
@reboot root bash /www/api.allevents.nyc/_cron/deploy.sh

Make sure the code in /www/{whatever}/_cron/{whatever}.sh will actually do something though -
make sure that you have pulled some functioning code into /www/{whatever},
and all necessary NPM packages, like express, have been installed

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