Install Node + NPM:

curl -sL -o;
sudo bash;
sudo apt-get install nodejs;
node -v; #just to verify it works

Set up your GIT and codebase:

First, generate and copy SSH keys to ~/.ssh/ folder on your computer and on the server, set their permissions to 600

On both your computer and the server, run this command to authenticate with GIT:

eval "$(ssh-agent -s)";
ssh-add ~/.ssh/gitlab

Create /www/yourproject directory and clone your Git repository into this folder*

mkdir /www
git clone YOUR-REPOSITORY /www/$(hostname)
cd /www/$(hostname)

*I call my project folder the same as my server name so below I can automatically reference it without having to remember what its called every time: /www/$(hostname) To find the name of your server, run command echo $(hostname)

Automatically run commands on Login:

vim /etc/profile

Copy the following to the bottom of this file, to have these commands run every time you SSH into the server:

eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"
ssh-add ~/.ssh/gitlab

mkdir -p /www/$(hostname)
cd /www/$(hostname)
git reset HEAD -\-hard;
git pull

ps cax | grep node

echo "TIPS:"
echo "vim /etc/nginx/sites-available/default"
echo "service nginx restart"

Automatically run commands on startup or on schedule:

vim /etc/crontab

Add something like the following to the bottom of this file:

30 2 * * 1 root bash /www/ps-api/_cron/
@reboot root bash /www/ps-api/_cron/
@reboot root bash /www/ps-api/_cron/
@reboot root bash /www/ps-api/_cron/

NOTE: the "/www/ps-api" in this path - replace this with the path to your project.
Unfortunately, the neat trick to automatically use the server name does not work in this Cron file.
Also, /www/YOUR-PROJECT/_cron/ assumes that your codebase uses this _cron this folder.

Why do all this?

So that whenever the server starts, it will execute:

  1. - to start your Node server
  2. - to start your database and database admin panel
  3. - to start your Node process which will listen for webhooks from Github - to automatically pull latest changes whenever your Github repository "master" branch has been updated

That checks and updates the SSL Certificate - explained later in this book.

(,, explained in next pages as well)

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